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Skills Intelligence
Get taxonomy

Get all skills in the taxonomyπŸ”—

The /taxonomy endpoint is a REST service offered via a GET method.
It returns all skills in the taxonomy with their ID and descriptions in all supported languages.

Remember to send your authentication token with each request (see Authentication page).


Method Media URL Description
GET query string {{domain}}/taxonomy Get the code ids and their description in all languages


Status Content type Content description
200 (OK) application/json A JSON object containing:
  • codes: an array of skill objects
  • version: the API version
  • meta: an object including the taxonomy version (release date)


$ curl -sSf -X GET \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" -H "Accept-encoding: gzip" | gzip -d

  "codes": [
      "category": "Language",
      "code_id": "KS123K75YYK8VGH90NCS",
      "descriptions": {
        "de": "Englisch",
        "en": "English",
        "es": "InglΓ©s",
        "fr": "Anglais",
        "it": "Inglese",
        "nl": "Engels"
      "iso_code": "en"
  "meta": [
      "concept_type": "skills",
      "language": "EN",
      "purpose": "normalization",
      "release_datetime": "2020-12-04T16:54:07.021406"
  "version": "1.15.1"

Response fieldsπŸ”—

Field Type Value
code_id str The code id of the normalized skill from the Taxonomy (unique across all languages)
category str The category of the extracted skill.
See the Overview for the list of supported categories.
descriptions object The normalized skill concept for each language
iso_code str The language ISO 639-1 code (only for language skills)

Rate limitsπŸ”—

Accounts have a limited request rate. If you exceed the limit you will receive 429 Too Many Requests HTTP responses.

Plan Limit Units
Standard 10 Hour
Demo 0 Hour