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Skills Intelligence


The /lookup endpoint provides descriptions for concepts in the requested language. It can provide descriptions for multiple concepts in a single request.


Method Media URL
POST application/json

Input parameters🔗

Request parameters are specified in the request body.

Parameter Type Default Description
code_ids list str None The code IDs to look-up descriptions for
categories list str ['all'] The optional knowledge categories that should be searched in
output_language str EN The language for retrieved concept descriptions

Parameter Details🔗

The service will try to find labels of the given codes in the specified language:

  • The code_ids parameter lists the codes of the concepts the service will retrieve descriptions for. Max 100 code_ids can be sent in one request.
  • The categories determine what categories of knowledge resources should be searched for the codes. Max 5 categories can be selected. Available categories are: professional_skills, soft_skills, lang_skills, it_skills, all. Some categories have a hierarchical structure. In that case, specifying the top category will return codes from any of the sub categories.
  • The output_language allows to specify the language in which retrieved concept descriptions should be returned. This parameter defaults to English if omitted. The languages should be specified either by ISO639-1 language ID or by a locale of the form ISO639-1_ISO3166-1 (case insensitive).

Example Request🔗

curl -X POST "" \
        -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
        -H "accept: application/json" \
        -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
        -d "{\"code_ids\":[\"KS120B874P2P6BK1MQ0T\",\"KS1267F6MSPN366LX7ST\"],\"categories\":[\"all\"],\"output_language\":\"en\"}"

  "codes": {
    "KS120B874P2P6BK1MQ0T": {
      "description": "Agile Methodology",
      "category": "it_skills"
    "KS1267F6MSPN366LX7ST": {
      "description": "Project Management",
      "category": "professional_skills"


The service returns all found concepts in specified categories. All returned concepts are annotated with:

  • the concepts code_id.
  • the concepts description in the requested language. The name is the human-readable description of the concept. In the seldom case that we do not have a description in the requested language, the default English description will be returned for that particular code.
  • the concepts category, in its most specific form, e.g. it_skill instead of skill.

Rate limits🔗

Accounts have a limited request rate. If you exceed the limit you will receive 429 Too Many Requests HTTP responses.

Plan Limit Units
Standard 1000 Minute
Demo 30 Minute

Remember to send your authentication token with each request (see Authentication).