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Extract! Documentation

Extract! - CV/Resume and Job Parser

What it does

The Textkernel Extract! API enables you to parse CV/Resumes or job descriptions and retrieve the extracted data in a structured format (JSON or XML). Extract! uses AI and machine learning to understand the document and extract the data:


You can complement Extract! with Textkernel’s Data Enrichment APIs to:

  • Extract skills from other documents than CVs/Resumes
  • Enable a candidate or recruiter to validate or amend a profile from suggested skills (including inferred skills)
  • (Re-)normalize all your job titles and skills

The Jobfeed API enables you to compare your own data against demand in the market.

The underlying extraction and normalization capabilities and taxonomies used within Extract!, Jobfeed and the Data Enrichment APIs are shared and will therefore always generate consistent output on the same taxonomies.